Terms & Conditions

  1. A deposit of $500 is required before Party Rescue will lock your event in
  2. If for any reason you have to cancel your event, Party Rescue will refund the deposit, unless the event is less than one month away then Party Rescue will work with you to get another event at another time under way for you and use the $500 for the new event
  3. The full amount for the hire less the deposit must be paid for 7 days before your event unless another date has been passed by Craig Nicholson Director
  4. All liquor licensing laws must be adhered to and Party Rescue will enforce these rules
  5. No alcohol is to be taken off the truck
  6. No alcohol is to be brought back on the truck from any other establishment
  7. No BYO. Party Rescue has a full on License and all alcohol will be sold in the truck
  8. No intoxicated persons will be served, and the intoxicated persons will be sent home in a taxi at your expense