Party Bus

Party Rescue 911 has a great mix of themed party buses that will suit your guests and your wallet have a look at wicked pimped out party buses all with their own special qualities.

All our party buses are fully licensed bars no lame school buses here.

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PartyBus - TopBus
Top Bus

Features: Karaoke, drop down windows, on board toilet, Bose sound system,  TV screens, Jacuzzi, sun roof, party lights 36 passengers 40 kids fun staff.

Get A Party Bus

Two fully licensed matching party buses.

Get a Party Bus
Get A Party Bus - Night Prowler

Features: Themed green seating, huge dance floor, neon lights, stripper poles, party lights, big sound system, awesome staff 25 passengers.

Get A Party Bus - The Tigeress

Features: Tiger print seats, neon lights, flashing, lights, stripper poles, HUGE dance floor,  big sounds, on board toilet, cool staff and drivers 40 passengers.

PartyBus - The Tigeress
PartyBus - Royale
PartyBus Royale

Features: Stripper poles, neon lights, party lights, big sound system, on board washroom, TV screens best staff around.